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The optimal tire pressure is a difficult thing to deal with it. But in 2006, Frank Berto made a highly observed  essay about the right tire pressure, which based on own  test runs. Basing on the idea, that the drop (the sag between unloaded and loaded tire) can be used for finding the right pressure. This optimal drop is around 20% of the height between rim and ground. 

Basing on this finding, I made a small runtime. It is in English and has 3 different versions.

  1. A Windows version, runs under Win10 and is also tested under Win7. Other Versions are not tested, but it runs not under Win Vista. Causing on a 32MB limitation of my webspace, there are two files to download. Unzip both files in the same directory and start it with TierPressure.exe
  2. A OSX-Version. Should run on all actual OSX versions. I tested it under El Capitan. Causing on a 32MB limitation of my webspace, there are three files to download. First, unzip all three files in the same directory. Then, if they are all three unzipped, start the new file named "". It will unpack the rest. Start the app with
  3. A iOS-Version. It runs on iPads and iPhones. However, additional you need the free app "Filemaker2Go". It's available in the App store!


I got the feedback, that some virus scanner say, the file could be infected. Sadly, some virus scanner are dump as a post, cannot differentiate between tweet and toot and looks upon a runtime  as a virus.

go to downloads->

I linked the article of Frank Berto for all, who want now more about this issue. It' also in English!

Frank Bertos article-> (external link!)

Have a good time!