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For our tour from St. Nazaire to Bavaria end of May, I needed a special rack for our tent. The year before, I had the tent in one of my front panniers. The tent is packed as a roll and causing in the tent poles no chance for a shorter pack exists, it fitted fairish in the pannier. Abover all, I was forced to use big panniers in front.

Now, I wanted a rack for fixing the tent transverse over the front wheel. Yes, there are existing randonneuse-racks, but they don't fit additionally to my Tubus Tara and they cost a lot of money (around 150 Euros).

So, I decided building my own rack. I used stainless steel tubes with 6mm and 8mm diameter and a wall thickness of 1mm. The joint are brazed with silver solder. Also, all joint are made form-locking. So, not the full force will affect the braze points.

Following the new brazed rack, not cleaned and polished yet, on the first try-on. The fender supports will be removed later. 

A look to the scale. Not, that I'm really interested in some grams, but I want know, how "good" am I!

272 grams. The weight of the two fender supports should be subtract from this, cause they will fall away.

Following the cleaned rack in front view...

...and side view.

Fitted with modified fender support. Only the headlight cables are missing.

Next photo shows the finished bicycle. All is wired (but the USB loader in missing). Also the individual lettering of the frame is finished.

Last but not least a photo of the tent on the rack, the reason all this structure. The headlight is above the tent and if necessary, the headlight can be risen 3cm.

All in all, I'm contented.


Update: Position of the headlight changed.