This time, didn’t want a far distance tour, causing in private circumstances. Europe from the Atlantik to the Black Sea is done. Then we discussed an Israel tour, but it was impossible, causing in job-related factors. The best time there is March or October. March was too early (my job is more important) and October too late for me. Then we discussed Gdansk-Pula, the first part from Poland home to us. Also Mecklenburg-West Pommerania was discussed. Only cycling there around. And my personal desire, a tour from the North Cape to Athens is something, when I’m retired.

So, we decided quick and easy for a tour from Neustadt/Danube to Pula. First, we will cross Lower Bavaria to Salzburg, then follow the Alpe-Adria track to Grado and then the Mediterran coast to Pula. We will pass Salzburg, Bad Gastein, Spittal, Villach, Tarviso, Udine, Grado, Trieste, Capodistria (Koper), Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Rovinj and the reach Pula. We will cycle in Germany, Austria, Italia, Slovenia and Croatia.

No big issue, but with some hard climbs, which are no penny with full equipped traveling bicycle. Last year at France, we made 9500 meters (31000ft) altitude difference. This time, it will do nearly the same, but more concentrated on spots. From Pula, we will fly back home.


Preparation Works

First, I had to change mit headlight. At France last year, I had the headlight above the tent, which ist stowed cross above the front wheel. It had vibrated and limited the load height. So, I removed my front rack one more time and brazed a mount and a protection bar on the rack under the place for the tent.

Ok, the front wheel casts a cloud over the right side, but in the night, I often use a second high beam headlight, so it’s no big issue. At the same time, on the mount of the old headlight, I mounted a new USB-loader, because the old one was partially damaged.

I also cleaned all our panniers and made upkeep on them. All mounts were tested and tuned to a fitting diameter, because last year, we had some problems and the panniers on Monika’s low rider tottered a little bit. No big issue, but nerving.  

I decided to use my self tuned Ideale panniers on the front and back. The big ones in the rear, the small ones in front. Last year, I had the big ones in front and the Vaude panniers in the rear. But the Vaude are too wide, so I jammed with them in narrow passages at France. 

Monika will use her 4 Ortlieb panniers. I added to her two rear panniers the Ortlieb mesh pockets for wet stuff. This is important, if you are travelling with tent. Not all the stuff is dry in the morning and cannot been put into the panniers. It would make all the stuff in the pannier humid.

The mesh pockets are foldable and be folded to a big size if necessary. the panniers seen on the pictures are still empty and open. On my bicycle, the roll with the tent is already loaded. 

Two cams are prepared:
First the SONY, also on board in 2015 and 2016. I used it for time lapse photos. It has a built-in GPS and I have no need afterwards looking long time for the places, where the pictures are taken.


The 2nd. one is a cheap ALDI type. Without GPS, but thought taking videos. 

On the right side of the picture the SONY and left side the ALDI. I changed both to a 1/4″ cam worm. . The Go-Pro mount is crap. It’s only taken form people, who don’t know, how good it could be otherwise.



A first rough estimate about our routing. Just to see, how the height diagram looks like. The red part is the part at Bavaria, the green-yellow one is the Alpe-Adria-Track and the blue one is the way, following the Adriatic coast.

Here the elevation diagram. I prefer to know before, what slopes are on my way. It helps me to avoid obnoxious surprises!




Packing List 

For those, who are interested in, what we have taken over the Alps. Given that it’s not South-East-Europe and also not rural parts France, we cancelled rigorous some stuff, because we can buy it on tour, if we need it. Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia are like a home match for me, because we periodic stay there. Here the packing list, what’s packed:

left front pannier at the lowrider (9.5lbs):

  • light pants, removeable legs (1x)
  • bib-tights, knee-lenght (1x)
  • cycling tights, knee-lenght (1x)
  • cycling shirts, short sleeved (4X)
  • jeans shorts (1X)
  • shirt with button tab and short sleeves (1X)
  • shorts, padded (1X)
  • sox, pairs (4)

right front pannier at the lowrider (10.1lbs): 

  • green pencil case (spare parts):
    • spare tension axle 130mm with spacer to 100mm.
    • tape
    • chain tool
    • some screws
    • set of brake pads for HS33
    • spare buckles (2 sets)
    • CO2-cartridges (5x)
    • set of Rohloff shift cables
    • wire saw
  • blue pencil case (tools):
    • various hex bits
    • bit extension
    • bit knob
    • bit ratchet
    • spoke spanner
    • wrench with 10 inserts
    • Knippex pipe wrench, lenght 10cm
    • small side cutter
    • Pitlock nut
    • flat spanner 10/13mm
    • flat spanner 14/15mm (removing pedals for flight)
    • Allen key 8mm (removing pedals for flight)
    • repair kit
    • tire boots, butyl (3x)
    • CO2 tire pump
  • Vaude first-aid kit 
  • inner tubes (2X)
  • shorts (3x)
  • swimming trunks
  • solid fuel (14X)
  • solid fuel stove 1pt (lighter inside)
  • reflective collar
  • reflective vest

roll on the front rack (8.0lbs): 

  • tent for 2 persons
  • rain gear

right rear pannier (10.25lbs):

  • sleeping bag with compression bag
  • inflatable matress
  • light blanket
  • toiletries
  • light towel
  • flip-flops

left rear pannier (13.20lbs): 

  • powerpacks (4)
  • solarpanel 11 watts
  • NiMH batteries for Garmin Oregon  
  • loader
  • maps
  • microfiber bath towel
  • diverse cams
  • cam rechargeable batteries
  • everal cables
  • if necessary food

box on the rear rack (5.5lbs):

  • wallet
  • papers
  • ...other „important“ trivia…

So far my luggage. Of corse, the one of my wife isn’t listed. Altogether, I will carry 55 lbs.  My wife will have similar values, but she hasn’t the tool, spare parts and tent. She saves some weight, so it were 42 lbs for her. 

At France 2016 and also 2015/2014 at South-East-Europe, we had 30kg luggage per bicycle. Given that every pound hurts, which has to be carried over the Alps, we reduced weight, for the main part clothes, tools and spare parts.

Here my setup, a Supernova Airstream, a slope level, a cam, a GPS...

...and of corse a bulb hooter!




Day 1: All Beginnings Are Difficult

June 03rd. 2017: Neustadt/Danube - Landshut

We had planned to start at 6 a.m., we achieved 7:45a.m. A known problem... ;-)

It was hot, the sun shined. We made good progress. But as much villages we cycled, nowhere, we saw a beer garden. Finally we found one, short before our destination for the day.

Naviki said, that there is a campground in the center of Landshut. Dear friends of Naviki, if you are not able to differentiate between a campground and a storing and resting place for the medieval "Landshuter Hochzeit", give up! No cyclist needs maps with wrong campgrounds or motor camps! I know not one single cyclist, who equipped his bicycle to a recreation vehicle! so far so bad!

At 4 p.m. We were at the campground at Landshut. After we had raised our tent, we bought some beverages for the evening in a supermarket and then, we visited a beer garden near the campground. At 8:00, we both were in bed. In the night, we had heavy thunderstorms, but now big issue for our tent.

Oh, I want to show you something. My daughter made me a washbag of bicycle tubes... 




Day 2: Tough Sledding

June 04th. 2017: Landshut-Muehlheim/Inn (39mi/↑1850ft/↓1730ft)


We got up at 6:30 p.m. and packed our stuff. At 8:30 we left without breakfast...

...but not for a long time, because we found a cafe with a breakfast offer.

A while, we followed the Isar, but then it leads steep uphill...

...a long time uphill! The whole day was an up and down! Normally no problem, but with full loaded bicycles… every lb counts twice!

Several times we took shelter, because the rain becomes too heavy.

On the way, we had a Dueruem, a kind of Turkish wrap, a self drawn bio-milk ;-) from "happy cows" and at the end a dinner at Muehlheim. Because the campground seemed to shady, we decided to sleep in a youth hostel. 

An 8-bed-room for us has cost 72 Euro, but we had no other people in our room.  




Day 3: Following The Salzach

June 05th. 2017: Muehlheim-Salzburg (48mi/↑1361ft/↓1528ft)


We had a good breakfast, it was good and rich. Then, we packed our stuff in our room, once again, we ran late!

To reach the Salzach, we had to climb some hills before. Sadly we took the wrong way, because somebody turned a sign and so we climbed the highest hill in that area.

At the top of this hill was a church and a tavern. I wouldn’t be surprised, if the innkeeper was the one, who turned the signs… ;-) In the afternoon, we reached Tittmoning, changed to the Austrian side and followed the Salzach.

The last hour, a thunderstorm followed us. A tent was uninviting, so we wanted a hotel room. At Salzburg, we just were standing in front of the Kolpinghaus ( and discussed about a hotel, when a hailstorm set in, which changed after a while in a stormy rain.  

We became decisive and rented a room at the Kolpinghaus. This rain, we prefered to see from inside the window…

The hailstones where painful, when they hit!

Anyway, the room was ok... but not cheap!

The Kolping Association is an Catholic organization, so the complete house is full of mission statements and such, which want to become ones.

For info the translation of the phrase on the wall on the ladt picture: „Turn your face to the sun, then the shadows fall behind you!“




Day 4: In The Mountains

June 06th.2017: Salzburg-St.Veit (43mi/↑1574ft/↓869ft)


Stood up at 5:45 and breakfast at 6:20, this time, we were really fast! At 8:15, we were on the track! We always followed the Salzach. Nice, but God built in some little hills.

At Golling, we decided to avoid the pass Lueg, because there are no seperate bikeways and a lot of cars. This seemed not amusing.

So we took the train for 15km between Golling and Werfen.

When we reached St. Johann in the Pongau, the weather turned bad and we headed a campground at St. Veit. This campground was, of course on a hill!

At the moment, the tent was erected, it began to rain cats and dogs. Sometimes, you need a little bit luck in your life! :-)

Our dinner, we took at a playground, because there were roofs on the equipment. Ok, on the campground, there were washers and a playroom, we also used...




Day 5: The Worst Case Happened

June 07th.2017: St.Veit-Mallnitz... Neustadt/Danube (4mi/↑311ft/↓472ft)


Started in the morning after a rainy night. First, we coast to Schwarzach. Partly, I had up to 50-60kmh speed. I noticed a trend to shimmy. Strange! From Schwarzach, the track leads to a steep slope.

We just made the first 100 meters altitude gain, wenn I noticed a crack in the left seat stay and... OMG... the second one was complete broken. „That’s it! Worst case!“

Worst case? NOT ME! I will fight! A phone call with the frame manufacturer was interesting but was no solution for now. This, we had to figure out by ourself. We decided to go home by railway and eqip my randonneur with a rear rack and the second front rack for the tent. No sooner said than done!

It happened at 11 a.m. and with change trains 3 times, we were at home at 5 p.m. At home mounted all things on my randonneur and packed. The Utopia London had to give the front rack for the tent, my Bikemanufaktur gave the rear rack.

Tomorrow, we will take the train back to Austria and continue our tour! But there’s one drop of bitterness. The randonneur has an Alfine 11 and no Rohloff like the Utopia. The Alfine 11 is NOT made for cycling steep slopes. But there’s is an add-E on this bicycle. I hope, it will help a little bit.

The big panniers were mount on the front rack, because the axle of the Alfine 11 is too wide and would damage the big panniers.




Day 6: Full Speed Ahead

June 08th.2016: Neustadt/Danube-Mallnitz

The Bayernticket, a special flatrate offer of the German Federal Railway only can be used after 9:00 a.m. So we started with the train at 10:24 a.m. to Salzburg. But at Salzburg was end of journey, the connecting train, we needed was limited in space for bicycles. The next free one started at 8:12 p.m. and will arrive at Mallnitz. We do not know, where to sleep. Perhaps we will pitch the tent somewhere left or right side in the green.

But until 20:!2 p.m., there was a lot of time. We spent it on a fair. 

We decided Mallnitz for destination, because in that way, we were able to catch up the lost two days.

But we had still no lodging fo the night. While in the train to Mallnitz, we made a last minute booking of a hotel at Mallnitz. At 10:20 p.m. we arrived there.

We paid 60€ and got a 143€ suite. Sometimes, such things happen with last minute bookings.

Please remember, the youth hostel some days before was more expensive! :-D But I have no problems with it, because I think, the hostel system is eligible. It's a good cause.




Day 7: Old Railway Routes And Burnt Brake Pads

June 09th.2017: Mallnitz-Spittal (29mi/↑951ft/↓3116ft)


After a good breakfast, we started at 10 p.m.

The A-road from Mallnitz to Obervellach appeared less interesting, so we had decided to take the -car free- old railroad route from Mallnitz to Obervellach. The A-road is chosen by the most cyclists, so, we were alone. No other cyclists or people. But first, we had to cycle further uphill to find the access to the old track.

The best decision of the day, we were rewarded with a terrific view.

But in the end, we had to cycle a steep windy road down. There, Monika burnt her brake pads of the front disk brake.

The day before, they were still ok, I had inspected them. Then we continued, only with rear brake.

At Spittal, we bought new brake pads and pitched our tent at the Spittal campground. There, I replaced the old brake pads and the brakes, thanks Goodness, work both very good again!




Day 8: On An Old Railway Route

June 10th.2017: Spittal-Camporosso in Valcanale

In the night, it had rained, so that we, though stood up at 6:30 not until 9:30 left. Without breakfast… First, we used small tracks. At Austria, there are often gravel tracks oder the bikeways are beside thruways.

It's very noisy there.Although you can cycle there in an safe way and the infrastructure is really ok, the fun is limited. Probably it'S a result of the narrow valleys, where the whole party occurs.

20 kilometers further, we found an art market, where we got coffee and some pies.

In fact, pie is no good breakfast, it brings no lasting energie.

20 kilometers further, at Villach, we made lunch. Some salad was enough.

Then, behind Villach, the slope began. But it was this kind of slope, which is manageable, not too steep, but steady. At some places, they have cut the old roads to bikeways. Efforts are being made.

At Arnoldstein we gassed up with nonalcoholic Radler. Radler is a mix between beer and soda pop. In GB, they call it shandy. It has nearly the same electrolytes than the energy drinks, which often have to much sugar.

But then, let’s cycle to Tarvisio. The Italian border was arrived soon and we determined to take the tunnel and not the pass above.

Leaving the tunnel in the Canal Valley, we followed an old railway route, which is made with tarmac. At Tarvisio, Monika and me had some friction about, which hotel we should choose. As result, we took no hotel, sat on the bikes again and continued cycling up to Camporosso. There we found a b&b inn, but one of the noble kind.

Dinner? Cancelled...

... but the view of the sunset was great!




Day 9: Tunnel And Bridge Day

June 11th.2017: Camporosso-Zompitta / Reana del Rojale (57mi/↑885ft/↓3001ft)


At 9:00 we started after a good breakfast. The most time, the old railway route leads downhill. „Tunnelmania“! So wie made an average speed in the first hour of more than 32kmh.

At Venzone, we made a rest and ate a salad for lunch.

We continued to Buja. Finish with the nice railroad route and somebody had fun to turn the signs? A detour we had no need for, so we partly have chosen the county road.

We found small irrigation canals. It was very hot, so we decided a timeout and cooled down our feet in the cold water.

After that break, we cycled to Buja, where a ice cream parlor was too inviting. While enjoy the icecream, we booked a room at Zompitta, 17 kilometers ahead. There we had to cycle… What we didn't knew was, that Zompitta is on a kind of tableland. So we had to make some elevation. Thanks Goodness, we met an italien couple and the wife'S German was very good. She told us a way, we were able to avoid needless elevation in our route. It was hort and we were tired.

Onco on the tableland, the way becomes easier...

We had booked the room at a farm. They had some modern rooms and a little inn with own products, wine, cheese and salami.

There we drank ( too much) red wine and ate a plate full with cheese, salami and white bread.




Day 10: Cycling Across Friaul

12.06.2017: Zompitta–Grado (41mi/↑255ft/↓800ft)


Though we were warned of the breakfast, we ordered it. It was made nice and all, what you you may need for breakfast was there. But it's purely a matter of taste. We loved it. We started at 8:45 after we had bought a bottle of open wine and cheese. My bottle cage got a new function: to carry a bottle of wine. After a short while, we were at Udine. A nice city.

But we didn’t take the zigzag track of the map, we made it, like learned in south-east-Europe: full ahead on the direct route!

After we left Udine, we went into a cafe for a cappuccino. Sadly a jutting flashing engraved me a part...

Then it became really hot. So we made a rest of an hour at the aqueducts of Palmanova, the perfect city. A mulberry tree became our victim...

Kneipping also was announced...

Refreshed, we cycled through Palmanova.

While leaving it through a gate, my chain „ate“ the chainglider. Dmnd!


Causing in a little navigation fault, we suddenly were on a new built road. It was black, causing in the new tarmac. It was incredible hot there. But it was very fast to cycle, so we made speed...

After a while, we were on bikeways again...

To Grado, we took the long dam. Monika was exhausted, so she holds on my shoulder and I speeded up with a little help form my Add-E. So, I pulled her a while over the dam. 

At Grado, we had a smalltalk with other cyclists.

We found a campground there. But the washrooms dirty, the toilettes have wastecans (a sign for uncleaned wastewater into the sea), the sea dirty and a shower only with coins.

How bad people must live to accept a holiday on this campground. Incredible! I know it better from Croatia




Day 11: Recreation Day

June 13th.2017: Grado, campground Al Bosco


It’s incredible, what ideas people have to make noise. The whole night, from somewhere was noise and when it became less, bar-hoppers were talking in a level, that they could have talking with their hometown without using a phone! Ok, also this noise became less, but only to make place for the graders, which pushed away the whole dirt from beach at 6 in the morning to hide it behind tarps. Followed of any kind of delivery trucks, which seemed to deliver every can seperate, followed by the waste truck to empty the trash cans… I only missed a grass moped… moep… slack… moep moep… slack… This one surely is ill today! 

Oh, our neightbors across the street made problems because we moved their towels a little bit to the left on their string. They are really thinking, it’s their right to hand their towels on other places. They have not paid for that place but think, because their towels were first on the place, it’s their right. Every additional comment is senseless. Now I can understand the Austrian people, who call that kind of Germans „Piefkinese“, „Piefke“ or „Sauschädln“ (transl. by word: pig-heads)
Our other neighbor owed us a cable for loading our powerpacks. This is the world, one are thunking, they are alone in the world and if not, they are first, others realized, that together and carried ng of others make live easier for all.

In the afternoon, we were on the beach. This place is a real tourist location. Tomorrow, we will leave this place. We are travelling since years our indipendend tours, I think, we are no longer compatible with mass tourism.




Day 12: Following The Italian Coast

June 14th.2017: Grado-Latzaretto (57mi/↑1148ft/↓1141ft)


Started without breakfast some minutes after 8. The way to Monfalcone was flat and weather was sticky.

At Monfalcone, we found a restaurant, which was open. They had no breakfast, but strudel. So, a warm apple strudel with Cappuccino was our breakfast. Then the slope began.

At Duino, we drank another Cappuccino. On the way to Trieste, there were more slopes. Sadly, our cam got wet and all the pictures are fuzzy. So, my text must be enough...

Arrived at Trieste, we went into a beach cafe. After a half an hour sitting there, my chair decided to end its existence. I made a backward roll with the rest of the chair on my butt… no chance to stop it. Ok, shit hapoens, but nothin' bad without any good: Monika had fun! If she would had had a chance to film my disappearing face behind the table edge, a new Youtube hit would have been sure! 

Our primary plan was following the coast, but we heard about the Parenzana, an old railway route from Trieste to Porec (Parenzo). The also planned part from Porec to Kanfanar (Canfanaro) never was implemented, but the acronym was TPC for Trieste-Parenzo-Canfanaro. Today, it's a bikeway from Muggia near Trieste to Porec (Parenzo). Complete in tarmac at Slovenia, and a good proving ground for mountain bike testers. We decided rapid to take the Parenzana, it sounded promising.  

Somewhere down the road, Muggia was on the signs and also the Parenzana. At Muggia, there was a sign for a campground. Ok, we will go there! But prior to that, we went to a supermarket to buy something for dinner. 

While waiting for Monika, I had a look at Monika's front tire. I noticed, that her tire had fissures in the tread grooves. No big issue, but the tire will have to be changed next winter.! 

Unfortunately, the campground was some kilometers away downhill and following Murphy’s law in the opposite direction than the Parenzana uphill.

Anyhow, we found the gate of the campground and we cycled in… suddenly all became bustling, soldiers appeared, were nervous and one of them came carefully within earshot. Ok, we cycled by accident in a naval base. Of course, they had concern, that we could be two idiots with bicycles, all panniers full of TNT! After clearing the situation, he told us the right way...

Funny, we just took one exit too early. This could had ended bad! The campground was ok and clean, but the lawn wasn't practical for using tents. It was adamant.  

Tomorrow morning, we want start early…




Day 13: The Parenzana

June 15th.2016: Lazaretto-Groznjan (36mi/↑2198ft/↓1417ft)


Started at 8, we crossed the Italian-Slovenian border 5 minutes later. First, we followed the road to Koper (Capodistria), then the Parenzana, at Slovenia called D8.

Cycling in Slovenia is stress-free and seems to be a folk sport. We left Koper following the coast.

Then we cycled uphill. The first tunnel today appeared.

This board informs about the Parenzana.


Then continued cycling upwards to a 2nd. tunnel, which is more then 500 meters long.

When we left the tunnel, the tracks leaded back to sea level! Perhaps only to generate more altitude gain at the following steep hill. From there, we were able habe a overview about the whole bay, which is used for salines. We will cycle round this bay!

But first, we had to cycle back to sea level again to pass the Slovenian-Croatian border. Short after the border, the Parenzana leads to the right.

So we ‚climbed‘ the dirt track, bikeway would be a lie, up on an Istrian rock and gravel path. The prize was a complete show of various kind of butterfly, all different in color and size! Also a last view from this side of the bay was possible.

If we thought, we were at the top, we had to notice, that the slope continues.

Monika found a wallet with ID-card, money and other papers. We found out, where this tourist has the room, but at Istria, you cannot make 30km detour with a bicycle. But Monika stopped a car with an Austrian couple, who was willing to bring that wallet to Umag.

We continued our tour and cycled up to Buje. Sadly, all sops at Buje were closed on Thursday afternoon, we ran out of water and had no change to fill up our bottles.

So we continued to Groznjan, whose altitude is 170 meter higher than Buje. The heat was back-braking and the thirst put us over the edge. When we arrived at Grosnjan, we saw a public faucet at a standpost. I think, I also would have drunken, a horse on the right and the left side from me.

We looked for restaurant and had grilled calamari for dinner. We booked a room in the internet.

The owner of Apartement Smile spoke German and the had some stuff in the fridge, if guests are hungry and ran out of food. The bicycles were parked in a locked shed.

Later, the owner brought me a can of beer: I recognised at once, it's a Jelen Pivo, a Serbian beer. A little bit unusual in Croatia! I knew it from our tours through Serbia, some years ago, we were at Apatin, where this beer is brewed.




Day 14: Altitude Gain Must Been Paid With Distance Kilometers

June 16th.2017: Groznjan-Okreti / Kanfanar (50mi/↑2191ft/↓2490ft)


We started late without a breakfast at 8:30 because we talked with the hirer about the world and his brother. We filled up our water bottles with fresh water...

...and enjoyed the view.

There are three possible ways to leave Groznjan:

  1. a wrong way,
  2. a complete wrong way
  3. a way, you better never try!

We had chosen the 3rd. one!

So it happened, that we took the fastest and shortest way down into the Mirna valley. 300 meters altitude gain on a gravel road downhill.

We would have been able to take another way, but we don’t wanted a 20 kilometers long detour. The costs were, that we and our bicycles got dusty.

Of course, we had to climb up the 300 meters altitude gain on the other downstream side! Arrived on that rim, far away we saw Motovun on it’s cone shaped hill.

We decided to stay on height a cycling on the direct way to Pula. But although we were in the upland, God seems to had fun making hills, because he made so much of them there!

But first, we followed the country road to Sveti Lovrec. There, we drank a coffee and wrote some picture postcards. 

Now we took winding country lanes, passing some hamlets. But this part, I knew before, because in our last fall holidays, I cycled this part of the route three times. 

From time to time, we took a look at mother nature, which provides us a lot of interesting or nice things... e.g. the production of new butterflies...

Now, let's cycle to Kanfanar!

From here, we were able to see Dvigrad. A good occasion to use our spyglass.

Before we can go there, we were forced to cycle the slope down into the Limski valley passing an old church with graveyard... and... plop… the altitude gain counter will move the next 200 meters…

At 16:30  we arrived at Dvigrad. Dvigrad is midway of that slope up.

There's a snack bar and we made a rest with a plate of Calamaris. Yes, the breakfast will come für sure, even though in the evening!

After that break, we had to climb the 2nd. half of that slope up to Kanfanar (Canfanaro). There, we drank a coffee and booked an apartment at Okreti, a part of Kanfanar.

The owner grumbled a little bit, because the time between booking and arrival was very short. But the room were ok and it was absolutely free of any noise. The only thing, we heard, was the singin' of the birds!




Day 15: On The Tourist Toll Dodger Route wink

June 17th.2017: Okreti-Medulin (31mi/↑731ft/↓1381ft)


We had decided to cycle via country road to Pula. There are no sensible other routes.

We started relaxed, but the traffic became heavy causing in toll dodgers, who want save some Euros for the highway toll.

So, the road filled up...

There were some dumbasses, who think, it’s funny to pass cyclists with a minimal distance although it would be enough space to hold more distance. No matter wether Germans, Austrians or Croatians, these type of driver is international. Special remembrance to the dumbass from Augsburg with his V8 pickup smoke mortar and his friend in a minivan, 3 meters behind him…

On the doorstep of Pula, there's an area, where they explain, how these traditional huts were built. Of course, we wanted to see this.

On the following photo, you can see three huts in different phases. They don't use mortar or cement, the hut are a complete dry wallng.

This was the moment, i realized, that this huts and me never will become friends...


The traffic in Pula was loud und south-style, short said, complete free of fun. But nevertheless, Pula is a nice city. 

Thanks Goodness, we passed it after a while and made a rest on a shady place.

We continued to Medulin and became more relaxed. At the city lmits of Medulin, we found a restaurant and ordered...

..fried calamaris. Afterwards, Monika and me agreed, that this were the best calamaris, we had on this tour.

After finished our break, we cycled to Kazela campground, which has a naturist part. It had less shadow and a little bit tricky beach, but the water is very clean and it is silence. Here, we will relax some days.




Day 16 to 18: Recreation By The Sea

June 18th.-20th.2017: Medulin

We had time for some days, so relaxed on the beach. 

Our flight back home would be in some days and so, we wanted to scout the way and inform about the airport, which was 20km away. 


Incredible, behind this 23mi were 1033ft altitude gain hidden! surprised

We wanted to know the "specials" of this airport t avoid a later errantry with full packed bicycles.

Also we booked two night in an apartment near the airport. So, we will have the chance to rearrange our stuff for the flight without the need, to carry it a long distance with our bicycles.

Back in Medulin, we bought some packing material in a hardware store.




Day 19 and 20: Getting Ready for Flight

June 21th.-22th.2017: Medulin-Valtura (9mi/↑908ft/↓360ft)


St noon, we left the campground and cycled to Valtura. It only were 9 miles, but 908ft of altitude gain.

At Valtura, we had booked an apartment, not far away from the airport.

The apartment was equipped nice and there were some snacks in the fridge, including home made cakes. 

We were complete exhausted by the heat and we made... nothing more on this day!


Next day, we rearranged our stuff to make it compatible with the regulations of the airline. So, the rolled bag from the front became my handbag, my two smaller panniers were folded flat. So I made one big piece of luggage of the two bigger panniers and the tent. It was wraped in tarp and fixed with tape.

Monika made the same with 3 panniers of her, the 4th. pannier of her was her hand luggage and Bob's your uncle!

First, we had planned to cycle to Premantura, but it was too hot for a 40km trip in the afternoon.




Day 21: Return Voyage

June 23.2017: Valtura-Neustadt

The return voyage was short and simple. We were in good time at the airport and wrapped our bicycle in tarp. The whole luggage was no problem, the weight was also ok.

The flight lasted one hour, then we were short after 1:00 p.m. at Munich airport. From there, we took the S-Bahn (a regional train) to the Munich station. From there with the German Federal Railway to Ingolstadt.

The rest was done by Agilis in uncomplicated style.

At 6:00 p.m., we were at home.,   




Our tour was not exactly brilliant. No, it was ok, nothing to beef about, even the frame failure was not able to rain in my parade. But we had made other tours before. I do not understand, why some people make a fuzz about a Alps crossing by bicycle. 

First, the altitude gain in the Alps route was less than the one, we made in Istria and compared to our tours from the last years, it was a "walk in the park"

Somehow, we are unsatisfied.