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Built at the live-modding of the DCMM at Dortmund on 2006-04-26/27 
Needed time: ~10 hours


The SPORTSTER was built of some older parts of my fund and some new parts. 
In one side, I inserted a radiator and an air-filter cover of a Harley Davidson. 
The other side got a suckhole with a blue cold cathode light behind it and a small window. 
The chrome ventilation slits at the bezel was occupied also with a blue cold cathode light. 
A reservoir with two pumps inside is on the top, also some switches for the gizmos…. 

Material and parts 

Cheapo-Case (29,-€ with PSU 350 watts) 
Switches with warning-lights (car part shops ~15,-€) 
Nonlocking key: 
Every elektronic dealer, ~1,-€ 
Reservoir, made of aluminium, with integrated double pumps. Recycled from the UNDERTAKER (costs today ~50,-€) 
Radiator, also made of aluminium, with two 120mm fans. Also recycled from the UNDERTAKER. (costs today ~50,-€) 
Zern, made in Austria. Simple and uncomplicated made cooling pad (~20,-€) 
None, because every board and CPU needs a different mounting. 
Air filter cover: 
Harley Davidson air filter cover (exorbitant, but similar parts from other manufacturers are less expensive and you can get it at a scrap dealer for max. 50,-€) 
The window is made of plexiglas for ~10,-€ 
Cold cathodes: 
The cold cathodes are from Conrad, Vienna. They were a special offer for 8,-€ each (2x / incl. inverter). 

Total costs 

226,-€ (with PSU, w/o CPU-cooler and w/o PC-hardware) 

Further use