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Built at the live-modding of the DCMM at Dortmund on 2006-04-27 
Needed time: ~5 hours 


The CAT was built of some IKEA parts and some new parts from my stuff box. 
In one side, I inserted a aluminium picture-frame. If the pictures would be removed, the frame can be used as a window. The suckhole got a red cold cathode light behind it. 
The other side was not modified. 
The bezel has two small fans as eyes, about that two handles as eyebrows, a illuminated plexiglas-globe as the “nose” and two “cat paws”. 

Material and parts 

Cheapo-Case (29,-€ with PSU 350 watts) 
Front fans: 
This small fans are from chipset coolers and were mounted reversed. Costs: 1,-€ each. 
Cat paws: 
They are from IKEA for ~10,-€ each. 
IKEA, ~18,-€ 
IKEA, 9,-€ (but they packed always two globes in one pack) 
Cold cathode: 
The cold cathode is from Conrad, Vienna. They were a special offer for 8,-€ (incl. inverter). 

Total costs 

86,-€ (with PSU and w/o PC-hardware) 

Further use 

I changed the coating and made a felt surface on it. So, the CAT was a gift for my two little nieces... 
...and it lived happily ever after.