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Built at the live-modding of the DCMM at Dortmund on 2006-04-28 

Needed time: ~8 hours  




PLUMBER’S DREAM was built of a mini case (only suitable for micro ATX and mini ITX boards), some tubes, a little bit Harley Davidson and various residue. 
For the rest, see the photos! 

Material and parts 

Mini-Case (39,-€ with PSU 300 watts) 
Oil gauge: 
This oil gauge is from an old steamer, which was rotting in the lake Lipno at Czechia. 
The engines were dismantled and the engine-room was nearly empty. So, I took this oil gauge and put it on stores in my workshop. Now, it was time to use it! (Thanks to Hawk-I for this brilliant idea) 
You can also buy such a gauge, but it would be very expensive. If you have no old trawler in your town and no rotten refinery round your area, you can take an simply ring from a car speaker and fit in a plexiglas window. If you heat it, you can make it cambered. It would cost only 10,-€ 
The tubes cost ~40,-€ in sets, but you will have some remaining parts, which you can use next time. 
IKEA, 9,-€ (but they packed always two globes in one pack) 
Cold cathodes: 
The cold cathodes are from Conrad, Vienna. They were a special offer for 8,-€ each (2x / incl. inverter). 
Air filter cover: 
Harley Davidson air filter cover (exorbitant, but similar parts from other manufacturers are less expensive and you can get it at a scrap dealer for max. 50,-€) 

Total costs 

164,-€ (with PSU and w/o PC-hardware) 

Further use 

My older daughter is married with a plumber. So, she wanted PLUMBER'S DREAM and I gave it to her... 

...and it lived happily ever after. 


Weitere Verwendung 

Meine Tochter Rebecca ist mit einem Heizungsmonteur verheiratet. Plumber's Dream ist für ihn eine optisch brauchbare Variante, die noch dazu zu seinem Beruf passt. So steht Plumber's Dream, sofern er nicht gestorben ist, immer noch bei meiner Tochter irgendwo in der Ecke.