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Built at the live-modding of the EBAY-live event at Duesseldorf on 2006-05-26/27 
Needed time: ~16 hours


The SMALL BLOCK was made of two mini cases, 8 elbows, some sheet-metall of alu, a propeller, a square-profile, some grating, an old alu-funnel, some MDF and some paint. 
All joints are riveted! 
First, all the parts from inside must be removed. 
I don't feel like explaining everything here one by one, so please look at the photos. If you have the abilities to build this part, then you can see everything also on the photos you must know! 
At the end, in the one half (the uncutted one), all the parts from inside were remounted. The other half (the cutted one) was left empty, cause it will be used as space for additional disks, watercooling or other gizmos… 

Material and parts 

2 x Mini-Case (2 x 39,-€ with 2 x PSU 300 watts). One PSU is left and can be sold off at EBAY. 
This fan wheel is from a refrigeration plant. One finds also such flywheels in old freezers or on car scrap yards. For 5,-€, this problem should be solved. 
The tubes cost ~80,-€ in sets, but you will have some remaining parts, which you can use next time. 
Sheet metal: 
Bought in a DIY shop and costs ~10,-€ 
Made of aluminium, DIY shop ~8,-€ 
MDF plate (or plywood): 
It was a rest in a DIY shop for 1,-~ (0,5m⊃2;, I think it’s ~5sqft) 
DIY Shop, costs nearly 10,-€ for a 200mmx500mm peace. It is outrageously expensive. So forget, if you find no source for free. So, I don’t calculate this position. 
Aluminium funnel: 
It’s the rest from a tool for the cleaning of waste gas filters (used in power plants). 
So, forget it, you will never get a funnel like this, but you can take a small KG-sewage pipe. Modify it and paint it and ready is your funnel… 
This would cost ~5,-€ 
I used a fast drying acryl color spray for 10,-€. This will suffice for a long time. 
I use „blind rivets“ (pop-rivets), but they are not cheap. A normal rivet costs 3 Cent/EA, big head rivets nearly 10 Cent/EA in bulk purchase. At DIY shops, they will cost until 4 times more! 
So, if you have no professional tools for that, you should prefer screws. They are less expensive, dismountable and recycleable. 
So, I calculate 10,-€ for this position. 

Total costs 

207,-€ (with PSU and w/o PC-hardware) 

Further use