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Built 2001 / contruction time: 10h 


The UNDERTAKER was born of the idea, to build a watercooled PC. The parts came from the US, cause at that time there was no rellay good solution on the german market! 


The Undertaker was only a simple case from Chieftech. There I build in a watercooling for the chipset and the CPU. The radiator founds place on the top of the case and the reservoir, with 2 -build-in diving-pumps, too. 
The CPU-pad, the radiator and the reservoir came from the USA, cause at that time, there was no good stuff to buy in Germany and anybody heard ever something about reservoirs. Nowadays, you can have what you want... 
Behind the front brezel, I build in 28 ultrabright LEDs. So, it looked, like the case is glowing... 


AMD Thunderbird 1200@1400 
2 x Maxtor 20 GB as Stripeset 
1 x WesternDigital 60 GB as boot 
1 x Seagate 30 GB as data 
Kyro II 64MB 
256 MB SDRAM CL2 Infineon 
Soundblaster live 
Network card 
Enermax 435 Watts 


1. Components 
reservoir with 2 Pumps ( 
CPU-pad made of Cu/Al-compound ( 
chipset-pad in Cu/PE-compound ( 
radiator with 2 x 120mm fans ( 
special tubes 
temperature-controller for the radiator fans 
temperature-controller for the disk fans 
automatic fuse for the pumps (220V/5A) 

2. Watercircuit 
Reservoir --> radiator --> parallel CPU/Chipset --> back to the reservoir. 
Volume: ~ 1 cn 

3. Fan-controllers 
All controllers are made of the LM 317 with NTC (adjustable) 
The graphic accelerator got a big CPU-cooler with an unregulated high quality fan. 

4. Temperatures 

First version (aircooled): 
CPU ~ 54°C (full) 
Bluescreens and problems when the disks are working on the limit. A problem with the SB-live ? I heard something about that... 
Then I tuned the chipset to 3,6 Volts. The problems are gone! 
But now, the PC drives me crazy in an another way: After a 1/4 hour of gaming CS, the game is closed by Windows (2000) 

Second version: 
(CPU watercooled, Chipset with a big air-cooler) 
CPU-temp (without radiatorfans) ~36° (full) 
CPU-temp (radiatorfans with 12 Volts) ~25° (full) 
The problem is not as big than before, but it still exists. 

Third version: 
(CPU watercooled, Chipset watercooled, Fancontroller) 
CPU-temp max. 40° (full), radiatorfans are running most time around 8 Volts (sound of silence!) 
Chipset had no more problems (36 hour of LAN gaming are without any prob) 
In this configuration, the Undertaker rans from November 2001 until August 2002 without any problem or new installtion of Windows 2000. 

5. R.I.P. 
But live changes and I needed some of the build in stuff for my V8. So I took it apart. Empty and apart is in my workshop. 
It's hard, guys, to take apart a well running system. But the DCMM 2002 was more important and I needed the parts, cause time to order new hardware was to short.