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Built 2002 / contruction time: 100h 

A German how-to about the Beast is available here!


The BEAST was my first freestyler (casecon). The case was slaughtered for a better cooling performance. I broke the limits of the case, so that I had more space for the cooling parts! 

 A cheapo-mod: 

The Beast was a mini-super-cheapo-bullshit-case. A Celeron 300A had in that case thermal problems, so I threw it in the edge. After being on LAN-partie with the Undertaker, everybody said, such a thing only can be built by poeple with a lot of money. I don't thought so, and I wanted to show, that nobody needs much money, if he has some ideas. So I started my cheapo-mod! 


AMD XP1700+ 
Elitegroup K7S5A with SIS-Chipset und Honey-X BIOS 
1 x IBM-UDMA100 (20 GB/7200rpm) 
Kyro II 64MB (TV-out) 
256 MB DDR-RAM CL2 Infineon 
Network card 
1 x Pioneer SCSI-II Slot-in CD-ROM with Symbios-Logic UW-Controller 
PSU 300 Watts with PFC 

Ideas behind: 

A watercooling system was a must. So I designed a watercooling-system by myself. It was planned, that a laser runs inside the 3d-window. But I had to forget this idea, cause there was to less space inside the case. 
The windows was baked and formed with 180°C. (Don't bake cookies direct after that, they will taste horrible!) 


Causing in a pump fail, the CPU-cooler became so hot, that the PVC tubes became soft and leak. The water ran down the mobo, in the AGP-slot and on the uper side of the graphic accelerator. Suddenly, the PC-BIOS switched off, causing in the overheating-protection. When I tried, to find out, what happend, I burned my fingers on the CPU-pad. That is a real "burn in test"! 
I took all apart, dried it and reassembled it again. One hour later, the machine ran again, as nothing happend. 

Nothing was destroyed, but I changed the selfmade CPU-pad with a self optimized ZERN-pad, cause I needed the other pad for an another PC. Now it runs some degree hotter, but it doesn't matter, it's cool enought.  

The "baked" window above and the "satellite" below.

The "LEDmeter" aboe and the charger below... 

Below the initial idea for a charger... 

...and the result!