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Built 2003 / contruction time: 150h 



It should had been a HTPC, containing a video-PC, tube amplifier, TFT-display and remote control. 



VIA- EPIA M9000 
All I needed, was on this board! The power consumption is very low. This is neccessary for a passive cooled PSU. The fan of the board will be removed a replaced with a redesigned heatpipe. 

The heatpipe was redesigned for replacement of the CPU-cooler with fan. It was problem. 

There wis a Samsung disk with 120GB inside. It's running fast but with low noise... 
...and it don't need any active coolers! 
Then, there is built in a DVD/CDRW-Combo. 

tube amplifier 
There is built in a selfmade tube amp with 2x50 Watts rms. 

I used a 5.6" TFT. 

remote control 
Nothing new, it's on every modding site.... 

The PSU is redesigned and completely cooled passive! 



The tube amp

The tube amp is a class of it's own! A lot of people told me before, the PC will cause radio interferences, others said, the tube amp will cause radio interferences, which will crash the PC.

Nothing... really nothing happened!  

No radio intereferences, no clicking noise and no humming! Also no ground loop, cause I worked with a central ground point! 



The ETM was upgrades with an 1,3GHz EPIA-board and built in my rack. Only a very slow 120mm fan was built in the bottom. The ETM was used as music-machine and for bookkeeping. 

Meanwhile, I did it, I switched to Apple. Now, the rack was replaced with two iMacs (24" and 17"). The ETM is stored in my "private modding museum". 

It "died"

Some years ago, I took it apart, made a stand alone tube amp and the rest was recycled for other projects.