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Built 2004 / contruction time: 100h 

First, there was an idea... 
...this idea was an old idea, it was the idea of the MICRO CUBE project. That project died, 'cause the design wasn't very good. 
But the essentials of that MICRO CUBE will be rescued to the BLUE LASERBOY! 

Why that mod? 

I have a lot of work, so at I didn't had time to spend with modding. Over that, I'm living in Leipzig for half jear (until june 2004?) 
But laptop is nerving with it's fan... (roooooooaaaaaaarrrrr...) 
The ELETRON TUBE MACHINE works well as DVD-Player and Musikbox... 

Yeah, the VIA ETM... 

I like the VIA ETM. No noise, no fans, but to slow for working with it. 933 MHz are to less for real work, big spreadsheets and big access-databases. So I needed something faster, but without noise! I don't like the sound of starting jets and i don't like the weekly maintenance of cooling water... 
So I need a passive cooling, but it doesn't fit in small cases! 
So, I drunk a lot of coffee, looked what's possible, asked people, how to calculate heatpipes... 
Result: It will not work and a open running laser? Fool! 

I heard things like that... 

...before I built my first watercooled PC, before I built the VIA-ETM, before I bulit the V8... 
But I will do, what I do always in such situation: 
It doesn't interest me! I will make it and it will work! 
( I hoped) 

Stop... more calculations, now I will make facts! 
Just now (02.25.2004), a lot of stuff is laying around me on the floor: 
Board, disk, DVD-RW, DVD-CDRW-Combo, PSU, remote control, steel bars and soldering station! 
All I need, is a case. I planned it with a CAD/CAM-System and now I will drive to the next workshop and will make it! 
In 3 weeks, the mod must be finished! 

Why no passiv ready-case... 

Simply said: They are looking terrible! Like an old iron cube... 
The design is so terrible, that are you will loose your food through your mouth... 
It doesn't matter, how good they are, they are diqualifying themselfes with the design. 
Over that, the most of them are working with the cases as cooler. But I like some optical aspects, so I don't like "coolerturntooutsidesolutions"! 
A case needs a definated air circulation and must be big. So it will work. But a don't have space, 'cause it should be small... 


Cut... more discussions, no more doubt, I created precedents!


What's inside? 

Parts? No problem! 
A long time ago... there was a Shuttle-PC from Packard Bell (i-design). It was not bad, but a little bit hot inside... 
For the BLUE LASERBOY, I needed a very small motherboard, but the most, which you can buy, are with integrated grafics. Nice, but not, what I wanted. I also had no time to spend with ordering parts. 
Then I saw my Shuttle, standing around, and took it apart! 

" fits... well... so I will make it..." 
Most poeple can not understand, that someone takes a new nice PC apart for building another one. 

All was laying around on January 25. 2004 in my rooms at Leipzig. Mainboard, hard disk, DVD-RW device, DVD-CDRW combo device, PSU, remote control, some stainless steel stuff and a soldering gun.

But what I needed? A case!

So, I designed one with a CAD/CAM system and some days later, I fetched it from Berlin.

What came in the BLUE LASERBOY 

CPU: P4 2,6GHz 
Disk: 120 MB/7200rpm, but no SATA :-( 
Board: Shuttle-something 
A cardreader (who is using such silly thing?) 

What not came in the BLUE LASERBOY 

...the original PSU (too hot, too much noise) 
...the original heatpipe (it will be modificated) 
...the original grafics cooler (too small, too hot) 

New parts: 

A passive cooled PSU with 350 watts (it containes some heatpipes) 
A TEAC DVD-CDRW-combo (from a notebook), which was took apart and redesigned for open running... 
A big heatlane for the CPU 
A big passive cooler for the GPU 
A heatpipe-diskcooler 
Some Alloy bars... 

What happend with it?

It was on duty since mid of 2004 without any problems. Without any fan! Then, I planted it into a rack. Although, it was on the bottom, the PSU blowed and I replaced it with a fan-version.

Later, in 2014, it was taken apart and recycled.