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Built 2006 / contruction time: 120h 

A German how-to is available here!


I prefer listening some radiostations, which are not in my range. The internet provides me all this stations 128 bit. But my wife is a fan of old radio-sound. So, I decided to built a PC w/o keyboard and mouse in a classic outfit and a classic sound. So, I hoped to met the WAF (woman acceptance factor). 
The hardware inside is normal stuff with any 3 GHz Intel-CPU and a SATA-disk. Furthermore, two monoamps with 30 watts each and 4 wideband speakers were built in. 
The sound is fantastic! 
It's enough power for a living room but not enough for a headbanger-party. Ok, we don't have headbangerparties often, and if we would have one, I would go to my neighbour, who has 60000 watts in JBL-equipment for PA. 

Das Case 

The case is complete made of wood. And it is made new, no scrapped old radio!


In 2014, I took it apart and recycled the electronics inside. The case contributed a little bit heat to my house...