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Built 2007 / contruction time: exactly 24h  

it was made from Hawk-I and me at a modding contest in the german TV (PRO7). This mod has won the contest. It was made in 24 hours, including the time, we needed for buying the stuff, which was neccessary. 

Inside the fastest hardware, which was available at that time (June 2007) 

The Frame was welded by ourselfes, the seat came from an old Honda car, the fan-type exhaust pipe was from an Volkswagen POLO and the air intake from an old Mercedes Benz. 
Under the seat, there was built in a bass-shaker with own amplifier for butt-kicking the user... 
It worked great!

(btw: Schrott means scrap in English, so it's a "scrap-rod") 

The built in hardware had a value of 2500,-€ (June 2007), the fastest, a consumer was able to get in 2007...

Thanks godness, the hardware was sponsored! 

Behind the round cover is a 8" Papst fan! It ran very slow, so it made no noise or vibrations. 

The ass kickin' seat above... 

The seat was adjustable, like every car seat. 

My mobile workshop, built in flightcases.

Where is the Schrott-Rod now? 

A long time, the Schrott-Rod was in Hawk-I's flat. Later, it was taken apart. The electronic parts were used for Hawk-I's Fireball. a also DCMM winning case mod.

A picture of it at the bottom.